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Harsh words that I no longer can respond to. You called me “maldita” and boasted about how you would like to hurt me. But little do you know how much I have loved you and how much joy you bring to my life. I on the other hand wish you the best and that you never feel lonely. I wish I was a man so that I could guide you. Even though that is how I feel I know even if I transitioned you would never see me as such. You barely understand I am queer. Going to the point of calling me a tranny. It must be a pressure to be the only son, but brother you are not safe with such anger. I would gladly get all your pain for you. Just know your hermano loves you. You told me once you only had two sisters and that was it. Well your missing on this hermano who loves you more than you will ever know.



I cannot believe you have the guts to say I did not wash the dishes when I clearly did. You always underestimate all I do and make me feel worthless. Ever since I was like 5. All you need me for is for financial help. You prefer your son over everything. Since he was born you seemed finally content as if having three daughters was never enough. We went through so much at the time but you were to worried in ensuring you had a son. You spoil l him to the point that he feels like he is entitled. He broke a hole in the wall all for an iPod. Like he has no clue what hard work is. He is violent with his word. I really hope you can show him to respect women.

Sister Bonding Time

Today I shared an amazing moment with my youngest sister Dalia. We had Teriyaki from our favorite place and Netflix. More importantly we had a conversation about this documentary about colorism and anti blackness. As well as how even Latinxs can perpetrate it. We also talked about school and how we both are looking into social work. I told her I loved her and hearing her say the same gave me so much life in a time when I feel unlovable.

Riverside Trip

I was able to visit Jade today. It was great seeing her again. I missed her. But towards the end she seemed to want me to leave. She asked me if I was mad and I said no. I was more sad because I know she had her mind on someone else. But also she kept apologizing so that made me feel worse. But oh well I am used to it.

Finally Had It

Today was the second day I have not texted Dorian. He left me hanging a third time. He was to cold an not showing affection towards me. To say he has yet to text me. But my mind is on this woman who I am really fond of.

Friends Are Like Jewels

I was really happy to finally Skype with Jade. I missed seeing her face and hearing her voice. It was needed since this month two beautiful friends passed away. One a transgender woman,Zoriada,  who I was getting to know. The other my best friend Zury’s mom. She told me of someone she is talking to. I got kind of jealous. But she deserves the best.

The Sexualization of Willow Smith

The Belle Jar

We need to talk for a hot second about the sexualization of young girls.

Specifically, we need to talk about the sexualization of Willow Smith by the media.

In case you’ve somehow missed the whole hullaballoo, the picture below of thirteen year old Willow and twenty year old actor Moises Arias was recently posted on Instagram, and the internet subsequently exploded.


Everyone immediately leapt to the conclusion that the photograph was somehow sexual. Hollywood Life referred to it as “compromising.” Complex Magazine said that it was “creepy.” Folks on twitter said that it was “disgusting on so many levels,” and promised that the picture would “seriously gross you out.” Even Sesali Bowen, coming to Willow’s defence in an article on Feministing, wrote, “The photo itself is sexy. I can’t deny that.” The general consensus seemed to be that, whether you thought (or cared) that the photograph…

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